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CentraComp, Inc is launching a new customer service product. CentraComp, Inc will offer monthly computer checkups on personal computers!

This new service has been tailored to deal with common problems plaguing all computer users with a broad-band internet connection. This regular service will focus on SpyWare removal, Virus check clean-up, and Windows updates.
In addition to checking and removing infections from the computer, our engineers will check various other areas of the computer to help improve performance. In addition to checking for potential threats, the engineer will clean-up and remove all rogue programs and files from the computer.
Upon completion the engineer will provide a complete report of all actions that were perfromed on the machine and a detailed outline of further recommendations.
These checks are recommened to be completed each month. A CentraComp, Inc representative will contact you every 30 days to schedule a day and time to check your computer again. If every month is too often then we can schedule the recurring appoinments to better meet your needs.