CentraComp, Inc. was originally formed in 2003 under the name TechWright. TechWright was originally established to meet the growing need for reliable and fairly priced IT support for the home user. TechWright’s main goal was to provide in home tech support for consumer PCs at a realistic cost where all issues would be resolved.

As TechWright grew and developed a happy client base, we moved into the commercial realm. Our low price and high quality of work led businesses to seek us out for assistance. Over the period of the next several months TechWright began servicing more and more commercial client issues than the original consumer clients that we started with. Not wanting to hurt our reputation as a low cost high quality IT service provider but be able to meet the new needs of our commercial clients, TechWright decided to restructure as an S-class Corporation in Texas under the name CentraComp, Inc.

October 2006 CentraComp, Inc was formed. From the beginning CentraComp, Inc has focused on meeting the needs of our clients as a low cost high quality service provider. Our number one concern is meet our client’s needs with current and cutting edge technology that will ensure that they are a continued success and remain highly competitive in their marketplace. CentraComp, Inc understands that if our clients are not successful then we are not doing our jobs correctly.

We have not lost site of our original focus on supplying the consumer with a low cost alternative to the current option for IT support. We are committed to being available for our consumer clients to resolve all of their IT problems and clarify any IT questions.