My company learned a very valuable lesson this week about forgetting old Trojans. If you have high speed internet access you are probably tremendously aware of pop-ups, viruses, and worms. Did you know that even though you may have missed a worm from years past; if not patched you could still be infected or affected by it today.

It is extremely important that you keep your virus protection up to date as well as your Windows operating system. Even though you may have not heard any fall out regarding an old virus or worm which caused a great deal of damage originally does not mean that it will not rear its ugly head again in tomorrow. The name of the game when it comes to your pc and personal network is extreme caution. I know that you believe that I am over emphasizing this issue; however, I witnessed a huge corporation being brought nearly to its knees within a few hours over a worm that was more than three years old earlier this week!

If you are unsure of your computers current security or level of compliance right now check to see that your virus scan (McAfee, Norton, etc…) is running and up to date, and visit Windows Update and run the “Custom Install” option against your Windows based computer to verify that all of your updates are well “up to date.”

If you are still unsure locate a tech service and have them come to your house and check it out for you or talk you through it over the phone. These are common issues for any IT person. Do not agree to an outrageous hourly rate for this service as it can be done even by the end user with a little assistance from someone in IT. This service should not cost you more than $100 flat.

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